[The Lipstick Edit ] MUA Luxe velvet lip laquer review

I don't know about everyone else, but I love grabbing a bargain. It doesn't matter what it is, I love it... but when it is makeup then the bargain is just that little bit sweeter. So it shouldn't be surprising that when I came across the MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Laquers for only £3, I had to pick some up to try. Especially because this was a few months ago when I was going crazy for anything liquid lipstick related!

First things first... the lipstick edit is a new series that I am planning to run on my blog where I'm going to be reviewing any and every kind of lipstick that I can get my hands on. I'll run through the formula, applicator (where they have one, actual application and wearability. I'm a lipstick junkie, so this is a fun way for me to talk about (and review) my little loves! I'll be reviewing both high-end and drugstore lipsticks across the year so there will be something for everyone and if there are any you'd like to see me review leave me a comment below! Now on with the first review in this series...

So I picked up 3 of the MUA shades to try out; Dash, Halycon and Reckless. The lipsticks are made by drugstore brand Makeup Academy and all come with a doe foot applicator - which is personally my favourite because it is so much easier to apply lipsticks with. I usually use the tip of the applicator to line around my lips before filling the rest in.

The lipsticks come packaged in a black box with the frosted tubes and gold lids. They are quite heavy and feel good quality, the certainly look and feel like they cost more than £3. The formula of the lipstick itself is nice; not too thick but also not too thin. The lipsticks don't dry down too quickly so you get a little bit of time to work with them and layer up... but if you make a mistake it is going to stain though a little bit of oil can help you clean it up though. They do take a little bit of time to dry down, and get a little sticky smacking your lips together is a big no and will just flake some of the colour off and leave you with a patchy mess that needs to be totally removed and reapplied. All of the lipsticks have a really strong fragrance... but I can't put my finger on what exactly it is that they smell like.

Top to bottom: Halcyon, Dash and Reckless

Reckless; a classic red which belongs in every lipstick lovers collection. This sort of red suits most skin tones. Application wise, this shade goes on beautifully. It doesn't dry down so fast that you can't layer it a little but it does bleed a touch so a lip liner is key here. I love this shade so much on. It is really incredibly flattering and my favourite shade of the three.

Dash; a beautiful, mauve(y) plum colour. This colour isn't too dark which makes very wearable and a great way for fellow nude lovers to branch out and try something a little bolder. This shade can apply a little streaky, though I'm not sure the swatch above really shows that. I found this one looked the worst on my lips in terms of streakiness and patchiness.

Halcyon; one of the newer MUA shades. Halcyon jumps on board the nude train and has absolutely gorgeous pink undertones... in the tube. The pink undertones don't come off so much when it is actually applied which I was a little disappointed with. as it is more peachy than what I expected so isn't really my kind of lipstick.

This for me is where my issues arose. I know that these lipsticks are only £3 but I still expect them to stack up somewhat to other liquid lipsticks on the market. They took a while to dry down so I felt like I had to sit with my lips parted for so long until they dried which just isn't practical. What made it even worse was that these lipsticks went crazy flakey and looked awful after a few hours. Eating and drinking isn't an option if you want your lips to stay looking even remotely nice and for someone like me not eating or drinking isn't even something I would consider. It is such a shame really that the wearability is just none existent.

Of the three shades, reckless is by far my favourite and definitely has the best formula. Unfortunately I felt like the fact that wearing them out and about was just not an option. They can't be reapplied throughout the day without being completed removed first and look awful, bitty and flakey within a few hours. I used lip scrubs and lip balms before application and it just didn't particularly help which is a real shame. If you don't mind an extensive reapplication process several times across the day, then it may be worth picking these up to have rolling around in your bag. I really wanted to love these, but for me personally these just don't work and aren't something I'll be repurchasing. If anyone can recommend a better version of reckless though, I would definitely like to know in the comments below!

Have you tried these lipsticks? Leave a comment and let me know what you thought!

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