Toppik Coloured Hair Thickner: Review*

I've always had naturally thick hair, but a handful of bad dye jobs over the years really damaged my hair... thinning it out and making it feel like straw. I try really hard now to avoid dying my hair too often and take the time to make sure I use hair masks and good conditioners, so when Toppik got in touch asking if I would review their coloured hair thickner, I was pretty excited to try it out!

I use dry shampoos a lot, so really liked the fact that I can use this to cover up my roots and stop the top of my hair from looking as thin at the same time. I've always had quite thin hair around my hairline because I still have quite a lot of baby hair and I often fill it in with a dark brown eyeshadow to even out my hairline before I go out so I was excited at the prospect of having a spray to speed the whole process up. I chose the dark brown spray to match my hair colour.

I will be totally honest, my first attempt to use this was horrendous. It ended up all over my ears and left dirty marks around my forehead which really put me off. Turns out I was holding it far too close to my head when I was spraying it, but it still put me off for a while. I picked it up again when I was getting ready for a night out. I was well overdue an appointment with my lovely hairdresser to do my roots and it was painfully obvious that they needed done. So I decided I would have another go with the hair thickner before I put my makeup on. I made sure to hold it a good distance from my head, and ended up with much better results. My roots covered well and they definitely looked thicker where the thinner areas had been filled in. I still needed to do a bit of clean up, but it comes off easily enough with a baby wipe, so looked good to go in no time.

Now just for fun, I decided to try this out on my husband, Jason, as he has pretty thin hair so would be a good indicator of how well it works for thinner hair even though the colour didn't match his hair. While he wouldnt let me take a picture (it did look pretty silly), we both were pretty impressed with how the product covered the thinner hair around his crown. He could definitely do with this in a lighter colour.

So, overall I was pretty impressed with the product. It covered my roots well, as well as the thinner areas around my hairline. A couple of downsides for me were that it is pretty messy to use, and that it made my hair feel pretty chalky. The fact that my hair was a bit chalkier though, made it easier to style my hair as it seemed to hold better so that balanced out the not so great texture. While this isn't a product I would use everyday due to the time it takes to apply and clean up, it is definitely something I will be using on nights out, as well as when I am due for my roots to be topped up - as I'm someone who regularly leaves it to long to get my roots done so this will come in majorly handy.

You can pick this up online, directly from Toppik's UK website. It's usual price is £18.95 but right now it is on offer for £15.95. Its definitely worth having as part of your hair care collection!

Much love,

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