Long Haul Flying Part II: Five Products for Staying Fresh

I find one of the worst things about being stuck on a long haul flight is the dry air and the havoc that it wreaks on my skin and lips. I have pretty dry skin as it is, so being exposed to blasting air con for twelve hours plus leaves me looking less than my best.  Don't fret though my lovely readers, as there are great ways to combat this without having to overfill you hand luggage with beauty and skin products! When I lived abroad I used to fly alot, which I realised led to me relying on the same products each time to get my through the flight. So if you are worried about staying fresh and looking your best, read on to find out my beauty product must haves for surviving a long haul flight which is part of my three part travel series... read part one here.

Makeup Remover
The most important thing that I need to have when I'm flying is definitely some sort form of makeup remover. We all know that makeup wipes are a big no when it comes to caring for your skin but when it comes to a long haul flight, you can generally get by with this little faux pas although personally I prefer to make sure I have some cotton balls with me and a liquid remover which is usually Simple Cleansing Micellar Water. You can pick that up at Boots for £4.49. Taking my makeup off is pretty much the first thing I do once my flight has taken off because as much as I want to look great while I'm in the airport, I don't want to spend an entire long haul flight with makeup clogging my pores.

After taking my makeup off at home, I always make sure that I moisturise after so I make sure I do the same thing when I'm flying. I usually moisturise two or three times through the flight if I am going long haul to try and combat the air conditioning that seems determined to dry my skin out. My favourite moisturiser is Benefits Total Moisture Facial Cream which you can get at Debenhams for £29.50. I first got this as a sample and absolutely loved it... and I also kept a hold of the sample pot so I could fill it up for my hand luggage as the full pot is too big to take on-board. I absolutely love how soft this product keeps my skin - its a product I'm never without if I have a choice.

Lip Balm/Chap Stick
If your skin is dry, your lips are generally going to be dry too. I always make the situation ten times worse by chewing on my lips when they are dry (awful habit, I know) which leaves them split and sore. I like to make sure I have at least one lip balm or chap stick, but taking both isn't going to do any harm. I find a tinted balm is great for helping freshen up your look before getting off the plane; it definitely goes someway to helping me look at least half presentable. I'm pretty easy with what I take for this, but a pot of Vaseline is usually one of the two. I love Burts Bees (£3.99) as well because it is so hydrating and smells amazing as well!

Under Eye Cream
This isn't necessarily a must have for everyone, but its something I love to carry with me as it does a great job at reducing the puffy look underneath my eyes towards the end of the flight. The great thing about using eye creams is that it isn't immediately obvious you have it on so you don't have to feel too embarrassed by people staring. My go to product or this is Benefit's Its Potent Eye Cream which you can pick up for £25.50 or you can even get a cute mini pot which is perfect for traveling for just £5.00. I regularly refill the smaller pot using the full size product so I always have a little pot with me when I'm staying away from home or traveling.

BB Cream/Tinted Moisturiser/Foundation
When you are getting towards the end of the flight, most people are spending the last part of their journey getting excited rather than reapplying the full face of makeup we've painstakingly removed - power to you if you do have the energy for that though! I prefer to keep it light though, I usually pick up a sample of one of my favourite foundations before I go to pop in my flight bag,and this time, I picked up a couple of sample pots of Smashbox BB Water which is SPF 30 so perfect for giving that extra bit of protection from the sun. Its lovely and light weight so feels like you don't really have anything on, which is exactly what you need when temperatures are almost hitting 40ºC! You can always just refill the sample pops in future with your own foundation!

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So there you have it, the five products I count on to keep me fresh through a long haul flight and looking presentable afterwards! I had everything I needed here when I touched down to look and feel fresh, despite not sleeping through the entire nighttime flight because I was too excited! What are your favourite products for flying? Let me know in the comments below!

Much love,


  1. I love doing a mini facial on flights, I like to use a spray toner like caudalie beauty elixer or grape water :) x


    1. It's a perfect way to use the time isn't it! I've never used a spray toner before, might have to check that out!

      Samantha xo

  2. I love the idea of bringing micellar water on a long flight. I love to take off my makeup whenever I sleep so that would be a must for me. I also like to carry around Under eye cream to keep that area moisturized.



    1. Micellar water is for sure a must have, especially considering it can be bought in the airport if you forget to pack it.

      Thanks for reading!

      Samantha xo

  3. I've been wanting to purchase the Simple Micellar Water but I cannot find it anywhere. Micellar waters are great for removing makeup, I am currently using the Garnier one and I love it!


    1. I'm planning on getting the Garnier one next. If you can't find it instore it is really easy to find online and you can buy different brands in sets of two and three on Amazon with Prime as well.

      Thanks for reading :)

      Samantha xo | Blended To Perfection