How Much Is My Daily Face Worth?

I've seen a few of my favourite bloggers doing this post lately and it really got me thinking, after seeing how much more everyone spent than they thought, about how much I spend on my daily face makeup. It's never something I've thought about before, and I generally pick up the bigger buys bit by bit across the months so I've never really felt like I'm overspending. I decided at the end I'd divide the total cost by six months which is generally how long my foundation and other more expensive products last to get an idea of what I'm spending on a regular basis!

Nivea Soothing After Shave Balm £5.35
I use this pretty religiously lately as my primer. Its not a product you would expect to see on a daily makeup list but this stuff is seriously amazing for prepping your face for foundation and keeping it in place.

Benefit Total Moisture Moisturiser £29.50
I absolutely love this stuff and now that I am down to only having the small sample pot left that I refill for my bag, I am in serious need of replacing it before there's none of it left at all!

Naked Skin Foundation (SHADE 1.0) £25
I buy this foundation time and time again. I love how well it blends and the fact that it is buildable. This one is nearly out though, so I might pick up a couple of new brands to try alongside this one when I replace it!

Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer (LIGHT) £7.99
This concealer is pretty well known in the blogger community and its generally a steady part of my daily routine. I'm planning on changing this out once its gone though as its just too orange toned for myself. 

AOM Contour and Highlight Sticks £19 each
These sticks are amazing. I've had them since October and they have barely gone down and the great thing about them is that a little goes a long way. I can have a soft day to day contour with them, while still being able to do a sharp more drastic night time look as well. 

Naked Flushed Palette Blush and highlighter £23.50
This is the first contouring product I used and was a great introduction but I pretty quickly moved on to using cream products. I still use the blush and highlighter in this compact on a daily basis though, so much so that the highlighter is hitting pan!

Benefit Hoola Bronzer £23.50
This is another product that seems to have lasted forever despite daily use! I love using this just to carve out a bit more of a dramatic contour, and to sent the cream contour I do first. I'm actually so impressed with how long this has lasted!

Smashbox Photo Setting Powder £19
One of my lovely friends recommended this powder to me for my wedding makeup and I haven't been without it since. This does such a great job at setting my foundation without having that awful white shine in photos.

Naked Palette £38.50

I usually alternate between Naked 2, 3 or smokey but one way or another I use a Naked palette. I just absolutely adore the formula of these shadows and find them really easy to work with.

Maybelline Colossal 100% Black Mascara £6.99
After my perversion mascara ran out, I couldn't really afford to splash out on another so went back to this old faithful, which I used to use while I was in school. It does a really good job at spreading the lashes and lengthening them, but I do miss my Urban Decay one!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow £15.00
For someone who's brows leave much to be desired, I spend a lot of money on brow products. This little pot lasts for so long though and a little bit of product goes a long way. With this, less really is more! I couldn't be without this and still show my brows in public.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz £15.50
Another staple part of my brow routine. I use this to gently fill in the middle part of my brow, and the front. The spooley on the end is fab for blending all the product together to give my brows a more natural look.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Tinted Brow Gel £16.50
After going to all that effort with my brows, it shouldn't come as a surprise that I make sure I set them using a brow gel. I plan on getting the clear gel once this one has been used up though as I am a nightmare for getting it everywhere!

Benefit High Brow £16.50
I absolutely love this product. It has lasted so long and using it makes such a huge difference to my brows. It really cleans up all the edges and helps make my brow arch stand out.

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray £22
I always do a quick spritz of this to make sure I set my makeup on place. There is a noticeable difference at the end of the day when I have used it, compared to when I haven't.

Lime Crime Bleached Liquid Lipstick £13.95
I absolutely love liquid lipsticks and this one is the perfect nude for everyday wear. It goes really well with my skin tone and gives my lips an extra pop and a splash of colour instead of them being washed out!

Jason, if you are reading... look away. 
Total: £316.78

I have to admit that I am actually really shocked at that, especially when I didn't include any of the makeup brushes I use. I'm actually really surprised at how much makeup I actually use as well! On average it works out where I spend £52.69 a month over the course of six months, the equivalent of a household bill! Will this change my spending habits? I doubt it!

Have you worked out what your daily face costs? Were you as surprised as me?

Much love,


  1. Just think of how much it is per day, makes it seem so much lower haha! I couldn't cope without ABH though, their stuff is amazing. Really need some more UD though! x

    Tamz |

    1. It makes you feel so much better about it, doesn't it! I really want to try the brow definer, but find it hard to justify with this many brow products all ready. I'd definitely recommend UD stuff, its just amazing quality!

      Samantha xo | Blended to Perfection

  2. The small purchases really add up. It's so important to use good products that you love though! Great post.


    1. Definitely! You dont HAVE to use all high end, its about what works best for you and your skin. Thank you, and thanks for reading!

      Samantha xo | Blended to Perfection

  3. I really want to purchase the Urban Decay setting spray, it looks so good and I've only heard positive review about it! Xx

    1. It is pricey to pick up, but it is so worth having. I love the stuff! I'm on the hunt for a cheaper product for everyday use though to try and stop me from using it as quickly!

      Samantha xo | Blended to Perfection

  4. Gosh wow that's quite a lot when you add it but - but I'd rather spend money on makeup than bills hahaha!