The Lip Product Tag

A couple of days ago I was nominated to do my first ever tag post by Fran from Franzizzy! I was super excited because you know, its a first for my blog... and its also on lip products! Which is perfect for a girl like me with a lipstick obsession! You can never have too many lipsticks!

So here are my answers my lovelies...

1. What is your favorite lip balm or treatment?I am really bad for neglecting my lips and I am one of those awful people who sits and chews them when they are dry - so gross I know. I find that the Lip Relief Cream by Blistex works a charm at repairing the damage I cause and re-hydrating them. I always have a little pot of Vaseline (with aloe vera) in my handbag as well so that I can stop my lips from getting too dry through the day.

2. What is your favorite eye-catching red? 
Ooo, choosing one red is so hard! I am a huge, huge, huge lover of a red lip. Right now my favourite red is Maybellines Pleasure Me Red. The colour is stunning and is so hydrating. It has a glossy look to it as well without having a glossy consistency. I am on the hunt for the perfect red liquid lipstick still after losing my old one - which you can read about here. If you have any recommendations on the best brands and reds, drop me a comment below!

3. Best luxury and drugstore product? Also, best MAC lipstick?
For a drugstore lipstick I really love Maybelline - they have a great range of colours and I find that they last really well given that they aren't a liquid lipstick. I know, I am obsessed! I have no idea whether Lime Crime count as high end, but they are definitely my favourite higher end lipsticks - they are the culprits behind my liquid lipstick addiction. Now is the time where I own up to being probably one of the only beauty bloggers ever to not actually have a MAC lipstick... I would definitely like to try them but just haven't actually gotten around to it!

4. Most disappointing lip product?
Nivea's Pearly Shine Lip Care was a big disappointment for me. The shimmer just wasn't subtle at all on my lips and made me look so washed out, and quite frankly ill! It didnt really do much for hydrating my lips either and has ended up neglected in my dressing table. I purchased it because it was literally the only product there and from my experience it isn't something I will be buying again.

5. Lip liner: yes or no?
I can generally take it or leave it due to the fact that I usually wear liquid lipstick so don't really need it. When I am not using liquid lipstick lip liner is a must have for me and like Fran I think some lip liners are just perfect for all over the lip, rather than just around it. There are so many gorgeous colours, it feels like a crime to hide them!

6. Favorite lipgloss?
As a person with long hair, I have to say that me and lipgloss just really don't get on. I used to wear lipgloss all the time when I was younger but I just can't get by with it now. No makeup product should remain sticky. After reading through Frans lip tag though, I am definitely going to have to try the Essence XXL Long Lasting Lipgloss Matte Effect that she recommended!

I'll now nominate these five lovely girls to do the lip product tag next:

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Even if you haven't been nominated, copy and paste the questions for your own post! Its lots of fun and a good way to get to know other bloggers!

Much love,


  1. Thanks for tagging me, I can't wait to do the tag! I loved your answers! You definitely need to try a MAC lipstick, they are incredible! X

    Erin // Everything Erin

    1. I am going to treat myself to one when I get paid I think! I'm just so addicted to liquid lipsticks that I've never really bothered picking one up! I think that needs to change though!

      Samantha xo