Long Haul Flying Part I: 7 Tips for Staying Busy

With less than thirty days to go until I jet off to Thailand for my honeymoon, I thought it would be a great idea to do a three part guide to getting through a long haul flight! The first part in this series is 'staying busy', where I am going to help you best prepare for keeping yourself entertained throughout because the last thing you want is to be staring at the back of someones chair counting down the hours until your flight is over.

1. Take a Book... or two!
I am a huge reader and really love getting stuck into a good book but I find that on a day to day basis I just don't seem to have time to pick up a book that isn't Criminology related. Getting a long haul flight is a great opportunity to get stuck into a book, so I make sure I take a couple of different ones to change it up and stop me getting bored.

2. Take Your iPad or Tablet
Technology is so popular now and pretty much everyone tends to have a smart phone and tablet, and if you do... leaving it at home will be a big mistake. I like to backup and clear my iPad a few days before flying so I can fill it up with the best apps for whiling away a good few hours. My personal favourites are cooking games, I literally could spend the night running my little bakery or pizzeria and making sure I get three stars on every level!

You might not have an internet connection in the sky, but a lot of flights make sure you do have chargers so you will be able to spend hours and hours playing addictive games. If you aren't sure whether your flight provides the ability to charge your iPad, you can always take a portable battery with you to keep it charged up until you can get plugged in!

3. Actually Use the In-Flight Entertainment
Flying long haul means you get your own little TV to control, which gives you an entertainment library right at your fingertips. Definitely make sure you take your own headphones because they will be so much more comfortable than the ones provided or available to buy. We are flying British Airways and their entertainment system has movies, TV series, music and games on it with the ability to preplan what you want to have available to you when you board. Checking ahead showed me they would have The Revenant and The Martian and Joy onboard... all films I've been meaning to watch so I will definitely hold off and watch them on my way to Bangkok!

4. Colour In
Adult colouring books are all the range at the moment, and they are perfect for packing into your flight bag. The books tend to be full of intricate pictures which you can literally spend hours and hours colouring in before you get bored, so make sure you pack a good set of pens with your book! I also find that after I've been colouring in for a while I actually get really quite tired, which leads me on nicely to my next suggestion...

5. Sleep
This is potentially the most obvious recommendation, but its one of the most effective for getting through those hours. Long haul flights usually mean you get a bit more room than on shorter flights but it can still be uncomfortable. I tend to go to sleep once they dim the cabin lights and can usually get in fair bit of sleep. If you are worried about being able to get to sleep, there are lots of sleep aids you can pick up at your local pharmacy, but do make sure you try them before you fly so you know how your body will react as some people might fight they can actually keep you up!

6. Write Blog Posts
If you're a blogger, having twelve straight hours to fill can be a dream come true. You can use your iPad's touch keyboard, or use a case to draft out blog posts using that, or you can go about it the good old fashioned way and use a notebook and pen to write them out, typing them up when you get home. I am definitely planning on getting a good few posts written through the flight... it isn't very often I get twelve straight hours to myself, even if it is stuck all in one place.

7. Do Puzzles
One of my favourite things to do when I was younger was the puzzles in Take a Break and Chat magazine with my Grandma while we had a cup of tea and some biscuits. I actually got really good at them and still really enjoy sitting down to an Arrow Word or Crossword... although I do admit I quite often skip through to the next one when I get stuck! Either way, I still really enjoy doing them and you can pick up handbag sized books from most supermarkets for next to nothing. They are definitely worth picking up to keep your brain busy. I find it really nice to do them with Jason as well... he always seems to know the answers that I don't!

A long haul flight is always going to feel long, but if you stick to these tips you will be able to get through the majority of the flight without it being too much of a chore. Alternating between activities is key to making sure you don't end up feeling bored and restless... as well as moving around a lot between activities.

Make sure you check out Part II and Part III in this series for more tips on what to pack in your flight bag, and what products you need to stay fresh!

If you have any suggestions for other ideas to staying entertained, please do leave a comment below and let me know! Keep an eye out for the second part of this series on keeping fresh throughout the flight!

Much love,

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